What is your commission?

It all depends on what your needs are.  We never charge extra "fees" for set up, break down, staffing, etc.  However, it will depend upon your level of inventory management, and quantity/quality of salable items.   Generally, the percentage is 35% commission up to 50%.  

What happens to unsold items?

With the right pricing and advertising you should be left with very little.  However, that is not always the case and if you are left we items at the end of the sale we will give you referrals for local charities.   We do not have buyouts or remove items from your home to place in other sales.  Once the sale is over, we organize your items in one staging area, remove  our items and broom sweep our way out.  

Do you have security?

On occasion we hire professional security or plain clothes security depending on the sale.  We have been doing this so long that our staff is keenly aware of the signs of theft and are constantly vigilant. about the customers. 

Do we charge sales tax?

Yes, we are a legitimate company with a Seller's Permit in the State of California.  All tax is collected unless the customer provides a signed document issued by the State of California stating that they are tax exempt re-sellers.  

What forms of payment do you accept?

Always question when a company is "cash only".  It means they are probably NOT paying taxes or reporting their income.   Between 50-60 percent of our income is generated by allowing customers to use a debit/credit card.  We accept MasterCard/Visa/American Express / Discover and we take alternative payments such as Apple Pay/Venmo/Paypal.  We do have a minimum charge of 15.00.  We do not charge our clients for the fees associated with these payments.  Meaning we pay the fees.

Do you have a license?

In the State of California there is no specific license to hold an estate sale.  There is also no specific license for personal property appraising.  


Why can't you just come over and tell me what my things are worth?

The short answer is YES we can do that.  It's called Personal Property Appraising and it is a legitimate business on it's own.  Many clients we have helped over the years give advice and appraisals on the value of items.  This is a totally separate business.  You can hire us to appraise your items for probate purposes, insurance reasons or just to have a written appraisal.  We can write appraisal reports for specific items, including antiques,  jewelry and artwork.  This type of work is charged on an hourly basis and the industry standard is between 75.00 to 125.00 per hour depending on the scope.   It is NOT part of the estate sale process.  When we price items to sell at an estate sale they are priced as liquidation and is not the considered to be the replacement value of an item.  

How do you advertise for my sale?

Marketing a sale is a very detailed and extremely important part of the process.  Knowing where to advertise, how early and how often is an art form.  Our marketing department specializes in mass social media marketing via Facebook (over 3000 members of our page), use of Facebook ads that reach generally over 15,000 local customers, our email list of over 4000, and a variety of phone app ads like Yard Sale Treasure Map.  We are also GOLD members of and Estatesales. org which are the two most prominent estate sale finder website.  Being GOLD members allows us special access to a wide range of advertising venues so we can target ads just for your sale.  

Do you have insurance?

Yes we carry a 2 miillion dollar policy per sale.  

When will I get paid?

Generally, within 5 business days.  That allows us time for any credit card charges to be deposited into our account.  

How many people will be in my house?

A LOT!  Starting in the morning generally there is a line, sometimes over night people sleep in their cars!  People will be in and out of the house all day long.  Sometimes we will restrict the access first thing in the morning to a specific number of people so the staff are not overwhelmed.  

Can you do a sale if I have an HOA?

Sometimes just asking nicely your HOA will allow a one time sale.  But if not, we have alternatives such as "appointment only" or "off site" options, however, you will never make as much money as an in home sale.  


Can I live in the house during the sale?

We get asked this A LOT.  It's best if you are not in the home during the process as it becomes very cluttered and hectic during the set up process.  Our staff needs unimpeded access to the house with little or no distractions.   We find that when the homeowner is in the home the distractions slow the process significantly.    So we ask that the home is vacated during set up and sale.  However, we realize that is not always possible and we will work around it.  

Can I attend the sale?

Yes and no.  The process of having one's items displayed for all to see and comment on (both positively and negatively) can have an impact on you psychologically speaking.  It' can also have a negative impact on the shoppers ability to spend freely.  When shoppers over hear folks talking about a deceased home owner, it can significantly somber the mood.  While we are caring about the family and if loss is part of the process we are sensitive to it, in the end you have hired us to maximize your income and if it looks like that could be an issue we will restrict access.  

In addition, folks who wish to be there on the sale day to "watch over us" won't be necessary.  Our company has a fantastic reputation we wish to uphold at any cost.  So we are not out to steal from you.  If there is not a level of trust going into the process then we will normally turn down a sale.  We rely on our reputation to keep sales coming in and we would not risk anything to keep our good rep.    We have been in this business so long we don't want to buy or possess anything you have. no matter how great it is.  

What if I back out?

Our contract specifically states that if we begin the process of setting up a sale you will be charged  for all staffing hourly and a penalty if we have turned down another sale to hold your sale.  This is industry standard practice.  

As you can see there are a lot of moving parts to holding a sale.  Each sale is different from the next and nothing is set in stone.  We are here to work with you and for you to make this transition as easy and smooth as it can be.  If you have a question, please us the "Contact Us" page and shoot us a  question.  We'll get back to you the same day.  :)